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Well I am not saying too much as I want you to have a look at the re-designed site

The boss has at least made a new start and so far he is not doing bad.

I have more photos than the others and they show my development from a puppy.

I now have 2 Challenge Certificates and need one more to be a Show Champion.

I am working on that and with the help of the Boss we have time on our hands to get there.

I hear the comments coming from the bosses and mum (Esme) tells me that they are

starting to like me now because I am calming down, whatever that is ?

Anyway I will be back soon with more news

Take a look at the site as the Boss has been busy and altered all the pages,

He does not have a lot of time for typing and he is a little slow at refreshing the news

but he is all we have so we will have to make do with him for now


Speak again soon......Gracie !